Opinion: ‘Sidmouth car park offer no grand gesture’

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‘It seems ludicrous that they can build homes, yet reduce the parking available’

I read with interest the article in last week’s Herald (January 15) about the parking bays in Mill Street and Holmdale being offered at £5-a-day over the Christmas period. This seems a grand gesture by EDDC, but I feel it is not as it works out, over a year, the same as they are demanding for annual rent.

The exorbitant rents currently being asked for have forced the local residents to find spaces elsewhere, thus amplifying the the already overloaded parking problem. Most of the residents of Mill Street, Russell Street and York Street are, like me, pensioners and can ill-afford £1,800 to park. In addition, many are frail or suffering from arthritis and could certainly not walk to Manor Road car park in a howling winter storm - as was suggested by one councillor!

In my view, a pay and display regime will in no way address the problem of residential/business parking. Before the new homes were built on the old Northcott car park and when rents were £420-a-year, there was a five-year waiting list. Now the council has the bulk of spaces going begging with none of those off Holmdale in use.

It is time the council gave some thought to residents and not just to making money or just building more homes. It seems ludicrous that they can build homes, yet reduce the parking available - charging fees that are unaffordadable for the parking that remains. Perhaps it would be better if all parking in Sidmouth was controlled by Sidmouth Town Council.

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Chris Pink

Mill Street, Sidmouth

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