Opinion - ‘Single Sidmouth dog owners are wrongly blamed over poo’

The tranquil Byes walk. Ref shs 16-16SH 1400. Picture: Simon Horn

The tranquil Byes walk. Ref shs 16-16SH 1400. Picture: Simon Horn - Credit: Archant

Pairs or groups with canines get distracted, says Byes user

I walk down The Byes almost daily and like most others regard myself as a responsible dog owner.

I always pick up the poo and get aggrieved when dog walkers in general come under fire for not doing so.

I have noticed that, while owners with one dog act responsibly because their attention is on one dog , pairs and groups with two or more dogs will often be deep in conversation and ignore their charges - often for several minutes, leading to the oft mentioned problem.

Another problem concerns ‘dog carers’ who might have as many as five or six dogs off their leads at the same time.

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No-one can keep ‘poo watch’ when that many dogs are scampering over a number of acres. I can only suggest that perhaps single dog owners are being wrongly blamed.

Bert Hague

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