Opinion - The Byes: ‘Come on people, let’s work together’

The Byes Footpath in Sidmouth

The Byes Footpath in Sidmouth - Credit: Archant

Cyclists vs pedestrians debate at Sidmouth beauty spot

I can remember many years ago when there was only one path in The Byes.

Both cyclists and pedestrians used it until pedestrians complained about the cyclists, so another path was put down at the cost of, I believe, £10,000. That was designated for cyclists, but you will see more pedestrians using that path and I have seen people have a go at cyclists for being on the cycle path.

As for the bridge, pedestrians should have priority when crossing. It wouldn’t hurt cyclists to get off and walk over. It should be compulsory for a cyclists to have some sort of warning device on their cycles to let people know that they are coming up behind them as there are places where both pedestrians and cyclists are on the same path.

So, come on people, let’s work together.

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There is enough trouble in the world as it is.

JC Hayes

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