Opinion: Throwing money into the sea

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‘Don’t repeat re-shingling exercise’

This time last year, £100,000 was spent re-shingling the beach.

There is talk of repeating the exercise. Last year it was funded by central government.

Would EDDC be so quick to recommend this course if it were to be funded from its budget? (Oh, I forgot, they are using our money to move out of Sidmouth.)

Last year, the sea quickly did what it always does and moved the shingle from whence it came.

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Are we stupid enough to agree to throwing money into the sea again? There are many who would have preferred to use that money to help prevent the loss of Pennington Point with the installation of a rock revetement at the cliff’s base.

I have lived here for almost 13 years and I am still waiting for something - anything sensible to be decided on.

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Eileen Wiltshire

Alma Lane, Sidmouth

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