Ottery activist's 'chaos' pledge

A FATHERS rights activist from Ottery has vowed to cause massive public disruption by shutting down one of the country s major public infrastructures by the end of the month.

A FATHERS' rights activist from Ottery has vowed to cause "massive public disruption" by "shutting down" one of the country's "major public infrastructures" by the end of the month.

New Fathers For Justice campaigner and dad of two Richard West, 42, who has carried out a string of high-profile protests while clad in superhero garb, said he has issued the "ultimatum" to protest against the NHS and Home Secretary For Justice Jack Straw.

Mr West wants the NHS to disclose case notes regarding treatment given to one of his children and also claims a pledge to "open up" family court hearings to the media by Minister Straw is in fact a "smokescreen" that will see them "closed further" thanks to a related, "small print" contempt of court law.

In February, Mr West strapped himself to the top of a telephone mast near Exeter Racecourse while dressed as Mr Incredible to protest to South West Minister Ben Bradshaw.

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In 2007 he was fined by magistrates in Salisbuy after staging a protest on Stone Henge while dressed as Fred Flintstone.

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