Ottery animal rescue centre turns away more than 100 people trying to give up their dogs - in just ONE month

Crystal Scott and Guy Scott, of ARC, say they have to pick up the pieces when dogs are handed into t

Crystal Scott and Guy Scott, of ARC, say they have to pick up the pieces when dogs are handed into the Ottery rescue centre. Picture: Callum Lawton - Credit: Archant

Around four families trying to give up their dogs are being turned away from an Ottery rescue centre each day, its manager has revealed.

Crystal Scott, who runs ARC Animal Rescue Centre, has had no choice to turn away more than 100 people in the last month alone, because all of her kennels are already occupied by dogs in need of a home.

Mrs Scott said: "This year is one of the worst I can remember for people looking to give up their dogs.

"Most of the reasons given has been that the owners could not take their dogs to their new addresses. People should check their tenancy agreements.

"It is very distressing to say no, because we do not know what will happen to these dogs.

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"Some may be destroyed and some may be turned out into the street - we don't know."

Mrs Scott is urging anyone considering taking on a dog to consider their domestic situation for the next 15 years, and how likely it is to change.

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She said that school and summer holidays can prompt families to give up their pets, because they can not, or will not, pay boarding fees.

Mrs Scott is also urging owners to provide proper care for their dogs.

She said several pooches that have been given to ARC have been in a bad state of health, due to neglect or misunderstanding of the breed.

"I have been doing this for 26 years," she said. "The situation has not got any better.

"Some of the dogs that have been handed in require a lot of veterinary attention - we have had some very unhealthy dogs come through.

"Ignorance is a big part of it. We have had eight-week-old puppies that people have had for one day.

"The worst case was a German Sheppard who had been neglected and had mammary tumours, which had spread to her lungs.

"We had her for three days and had no alternative than to put her down because she was in so much pain.

"We are still getting ill dogs through our doors. All we can do is pick up the pieces."

Anyone who wants to donate to ARC Animal Rescue Centre can call the team on 01404 815487.

All of the dogs at ARC who need a new home can be viewed here.

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