Forty-year anniversary for friends who enjoy fun and fellowship

Ottery Focus Ladies celebrate their 40th anniversary

Ottery Focus Ladies celebrate their 40th anniversary - Credit: OFL

An Ottery St Mary social group celebrated its 40th anniversary this week.
They are the Ottery Fffocus Ladies and they marked their milestone year with a get-together at Coldharbour Farm in East Hill.
The group sprang from an idea of Jean McGee, who was the wife of the vicar of Ottery at the time. And they are still going strong! It is a church organisation but women of all faiths or none are always welcome. All present at the gathering felt it was good to have a social event
after the past 18 months of lockdown.
The three ‘fs’ stand for fun, fellowship and friendship. The group meets on the first Monday of each month and enjoys a variety of activities. 
To mark the occasion, churchwarden Grenville Gilbert wrote this poem -

Ef,ef,ef,ef Focus
Are the elite of Ottery
Ef,ef,ef,ef Focus
Now, fe, fe, for, for, ty!

It is only for the ladies
For friendship, fellowship and fun
Of which they’re really foremost
You could say ‘second to none’!

They really do love parties
But their Christmas one’s the best
When Marion’s naughty jokes
Are the funniest ones in the West!

Carol and Ann are the oldest
Fffocus members from day one
They’ve had forty years of frolicking
Friendship, fellowship and fun!
It was the Vicar’s wife, Jean McGee
Who had the bright idea
Of a group of Ottery ladies
Getting together throughout the year

With all kinds of social events
Too numerous here to mention
It’s a wonder their fun filled frolics
Didn’t reach Constabulary attention!

But, somehow, they’ve got away with it
Let’s hope their friendship, fellowship and fun
Like the lovely ladies they are
Have many more years to run!

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