Ottery Hind Street toilet facility plede

Councillor vows to ensure loos stay open when Sainsbury's sends bull-dozers in

DISTRICT councillor David Cox vowed to fight to ensure Ottery does not temporarily lose public toilet facilities in Hind Street when Sainsbury's sends the bull-dozers in.

Mr Cox said the supermarket's in-store loos will be a "better deal for local people" as they will be open longer. He wants to ensure a temporary measure is put in place should Hind Street's toilets be demolished before Sainsbury's opens.

He added "there's not a cat in hell's chance" EDDC will re-invest the cash it will save on Hind Street in The Flexton loos.

Mr Cox said EDDC cannot pay for "nice to have services" as it battles to save �2million a year.

He challenged Ottery town council to "grasp the nettle" regards The Flexton.

"If the town council want them, why not pay for them? They own them," he said.