Ottery Mill plan hampered by sewage

The owner of the Town Mill says he is ready to submit an application for a new development but is being held up by sewage issues.

Paul Conway, Managing Director of the Churchill Property Group South West Ltd, wants to put a planning application in this year but South West Water have told him they plan to try and block any proposal.

They say the Ottery sewage treatment plant is at capacity and therefore would object to any new development which would create additional demand for sewage treatment.

Mr Conway said: “Whilst this is a constraint on development in the town, I believe the issue could be resolved whereby I could provide a high quality private treatment plant to create additional capacity, and South West Water could adopt the new plant on a temporary basis, until such time as the capacity is upgraded for the town sewage works.”

He says he is still waiting for their response but believes this is the only issue which is holding up plans to regenerate the Town Mill and Factory site, and related car parks.

Paul Conway: “If South West Water will agree to adopt a private treatment plant, then I believe a planning application could be submitted later this year to regenerate the Town Mill, and to regenerate the factory site and significantly enhance the gateway entrance to the town.

“I am hopeful South West Water will agree to adopt a new treatment plant, as it would seem the socially responsible thing for South West Water to do.”

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A previous plan with co-owners of the entire site Tesco, which included plans for nearly 100 homes along with a supermarket, were hampered by public objections, including a survey in The Herald which suggested 97 per cent of residents in Ottery St Mary did not approve of the plans.

Mr Conway had said earlier this year any new scheme would be based on different concepts than previous attempts at development.