Ottery Primary School road safety bid

ROAD safety measures to protect children and pedestrians on their way to Ottery Primary School could be in place by the end of the year.

ROAD safety measures to protect children and pedestrians on their way to Ottery Primary School could be in place by the end of the year.

Councillor Roger Giles is "very hopeful" parts of a long-awaited �71,000 scheme will get the go-ahead as plans to accommodate a town pre-school in a new building at the Longdogs Lane campus look set to become a reality.

The pricey scheme was agreed by Devon County Council (DCC) highways chiefs last year to give children and residents from areas like Coleridge Road and Kennaway Road, Patteson Drive, Bridgefield and Shutes Mead areas safer passage along Chineway Road to Yonder Street.

Financial constraints have meant for a delay in the bid. A lack of pavement along Shutes Mead has long been a safety concern.

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Cllr Giles told the Herald yesterday �5,000 of improvements including an interactive speed sign and colour banded 'slow' warnings to drivers could get the green-light.

He also wants the area to become a 20miles-per-hour zone and hopes the work will be implemented in line with the erection of a building at the Primary School to house the Busy Otters Pre-School.

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As DCC's local member for Ottery, Cllr Giles did not want to give his blessing to the bid without securing road safety progress as the move will lead to increased traffic and pedestrian movements to the site.

Cllr Giles said: "I am anxious to make progress towards delivering the essential road safety improvements in Shutes Mead and Bridgefield as soon as possible.

"For years DCC was looking at providing a pavement, this proved a technically difficult and hugely expensive scheme to achieve.

"An alternative considered was to improve road safety around Ottery Primary School.

"Unfortunately the present difficult financial situation has not allowed provision for a start to be made this year."

Before developments yesterday, Cllr Giles was irked DCC highways officers had not taken an opportunity to achieve the road safety improvements.

He said on Monday: "It is most unfortunate, particularly at a time when a poor highways report and advice concerning the Sainsbury's planning application leaves Ottery trying to pick up the pieces and prevent traffic gridlock that very many of us fear.

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