Ottery radio plan unveiled

OTTERY residents will take to the airwaves on the town s very own radio station a man from the town gets his way.

OTTERY residents will take to the airwaves on the town's very own radio station if this man gets his way.

A born and bred Ottregian, Chris Reynolds, 47, who has spent the last 20 years jet-setting around Europe and America as a DJ, has a lifetime ambition to set up his own radio station- and wants to do it in his home town.

He said: "My aim is not to make money- it is to get the community together and everyone involved with music.There is massive appeal here for a community radio station, it would offer so much for everybody.

"I'm looking to set up a local broadcasting company. We are looking at non-profit set-up- but obviously this would require sponsorship. Plans are in their early stages, but I have the information and know how to take them forward."

"Music is my passion- I've always wanted to have my own radio station somewhere and I just think why not in the town I know, love and was born in. I'd like to offer something back."

Chris, of Spring Gardens, returned to Ottery just over a year ago to care for his elderly mother.

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He said: "Teenagers love their music, if you get three into a studio that is three off the streets. There's also an opportunity for businesses to make their own programmes and offer a live broadcast or recording of Sunday services for people who can't leave their homes and go to church.

Chris, who is also involved with Taunton radio station Apple FM and helps organise Ottery's Tar Barells disco at the Football Club, said he wants school kids to come up with the station's logo.

He said: "I hope to run a competition for local kids to design an Otter with headphones on. The winner would come in the studio on first day and launch the station.

At the moment I'm looking into securing a 28 day broadcasting licence- which allows you to put things together and find out if they work- If things go well i would then apply to OFCOM for full time licence.

Chris' vision was deemed a "very good idea" by town councillors at a meeting on Monday night.

Anyone wishing to get involved with the project can contact Chris on 0785 805 9684 or at