Ottery’s ‘Poo Fairies’ want their bins back

Ottery’s green spaces are being visited by the ‘Poo Fairies’ in response to the loss of the town’s dog bins.

Sandra Chapman, a local dog-owner, is looking for businesses to sponsor a replacement bin on Millennium Green, but until then she and other volunteers are helping to keep the site poo-free.

Sandra, who is involved with Ottery Dogs, the group who campaigned to have three bins installed in Ottery St Mary, hopes this can be an example of the ‘Big Society’ in action.

She said: “In 2009 my family and I picked up 221 piles of poo from Millennium Green and it was acknowledged that there was a need for a bin in that spot. Since it was implemented, the area is so much cleaner and the last pick up we did, less than 40 piles of were collected.”

But as of April 1, the bins at the green, Ridgeway and Brook Street were removed after Ottery Dogs failed to stump up the �720 it had promised to pay for the cost of emptying the bins by East Devon District Council, leaving an angry Ottery Town Council to foot the bill instead.

So now Sandra and the other ‘Poo Fairies’ have installed a black bin bag on Millennium Green, and take charge of emptying it to try and reduce dog fouling in the area.

But ideally she would like the bins back in place, and is looking for local help to do so. Sandra added: “I would like to take this opportunity to start the ‘Big Society Scheme’ and ask that one of the businesses who have expressed an interest in sponsoring a bin, might consider Millennium Green as a suitable spot. Hopefully this will encourage EDDC to put our community bin back.”