Ottery Sainsbury’s traffic fears: ‘golden opportunity’ missed

COUNCIL chiefs have missed a “golden opportunity” to protect Ottery from feared Sainsbury’s traffic gridlock chaos - says a town representative.

Councillor David Cox wanted a covenant drawn into the contract that will see East Devon District Council (EDDC) lease its Hind Street car park to the supermarket heavyweight.

He urged his EDDC colleagues to ensure the firm be held accountable for any potential traffic problems caused by a Sainsbury’s store when it opens next year- but the plea fell on deaf ears.

“There is a very real issue there that could cause a severe problem. I tried to persuade the council’s executive board to agree to it,” said Cllr Cox. “Members wouldn’t go along with it.

“I think they have misses a golden opportunity to grip the situation once and for all. They could have at the very least put a legal covenant in the lease to review traffic situation in two to three years time. The opportunity has been lost.”

Sainsbury’s has indicated in writing to Ottery town council it will consider taking action and paying for traffic calming measures if a problem occurs, but the firm is confident the town’s road network will cope.