Otterycard launched to help traders tackle credit crunch

LOYAL Ottery shoppers will be rewarded for boosting the town s businesses thanks to a new scheme.

LOYAL Ottery shoppers will be rewarded for boosting the town's businesses thanks to a new scheme.

The Otterycard, devised by the town's chamber of commerce, became available for shoppers to collect from a host of the town's businesses on Saturday in the hope they will keep trade in the town and help tackle the credit crunch.

The free card allow shoppers to take advantage of a range of offers and discounts in the town and the chairman of Ottery's Chamber of Commerce said she was delighted by its launch..

Viv Abbott said: "It seems like we've been talking about it forever, its been something like eight months.

"We wanted to encourage people to shop locally and thank them for staying in town."

Mrs Abbott said she thinks Ottery's traders are keeping their heads above water amidst the precarious economic environment and thinks the new scheme can only benefit the town.

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She said: "I think Ottery is in an isolated pocket and doing extremely well in the circumstances. Some areas look a lot bleaker with shops gone and no window displays- if you compare Ottery to them places I think we look very vibrant.

"We used to have a chamber of commerce saying that shopping in Ottery saves time petrol and money and that couldn't be more relevant now.

"Petrol prices are a big factor- people are thinking twice about going elsewhere.

"I think Ottery is envied within a lot of East Devon's chambers- a lot of towns will be looking at what we are doing here.

The Otterycard scheme is open to everyone and any shop can take part. Cards can be obtained from traders who display an Otterycard sign. Shoppers fill in a form but can take advantage of special offers straight away.

Go to to see a list of participating traders.