‘Outsider’ Ottery Citizen of the Year won’t get award

No gong as voters’ choice lives outside parish

THE person who Ottery residents voted as their Citizen of the Year will not be awarded the honour – because they don’t live in the parish.

Mayor Glyn Dobson said rules prohibited the individual in question, who netted the most support in a public poll, from formally receiving the accolade.

It will instead go to nominees with the second highest number of votes.

The identity of the Citizen of the Year winner - traditionally honoured for their work in the community - will be kept secret until the town council’s annual parish meeting on April 24.

Councillor Dobson told colleagues at a meeting on Monday that around 100 people had voted and there were 12 nominees.

He said two people, eligible for the honour, had tied with the most votes but added: “The person from outside the parish had more votes than both of them. This person will be recognised, but the rules are they must live inside the parish.”