Park-keepers to make Sidmouth comeback?

PARK-KEEPERS with the power to dish out instant punishments could be make a comeback in Sidmouth.

East Devon District Council (EDDC) has given the go-ahead for half of its team leaders to undergo training so they can issue fixed penalty notices for transgressions including dog fouling, littering and possibly even graffiti.

Once trained - and when the trial goes ‘live’ - they would be given the power to fine people on the spot in places like the Byes.

However, they would need to work with other East Devon officers like the district council’s dog warden.

A spokesman for EDDC said: “We have provided basic training for four of our eight team leaders to enable them to issue fixed penalty notices for littering and dog fouling (currently �80). They have to be with another suitably trained StreetScene officer for evidential purposes and we are currently arranging some on-the-job training and practice before the scheme goes live.

“Fixed penalty notices can already be issued by the dog warden and by REACT operatives, technical officers and environmental health officers.

“It is a logical extension to give these powers to team leaders in the district’s parks, as they are often the people who witness the offence or have to deal with the problem.”

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