Part of Donkey Sanctuary closed due to respiratory infection

Aerial view of The Donkey Sanctuary

The Donkey Sanctuary's grounds near Sidmouth - Credit: The Donkey Sanctuary

Part of The Donkey Sanctuary’s site near Sidmouth has been closed to visitors after one of the donkeys showed symptoms of illness. 

The charity says the affected area is at the top eastern end of the site in the direction of Branscombe, well away from the centre of the sanctuary.

This afternoon (Tuesday, June 28) a Donkey Sanctuary spokesperson said: “The Donkey Sanctuary Sidmouth is open to visitors.  

“We frequently close specific stables on our sites when notified of donkeys having a respiratory infection. On Thursday we took the decision to close an outlying part of the site due to one donkey showing signs of a respiratory infection. 

“The other donkeys in the group are well and we are following protocols advised by our veterinary department, as part of our standard practices. 

“The majority of our site remains open, and visitors can still enjoy a fantastic day out at The Donkey Sanctuary."