Peco hails new machines

PECO in Beer is pleased with its new machinery.

The model railway product manufacturer, in Underleys, has had its own engineering toolroom department and plastic injection moulding shop since the 1970s.

In the latest upgrade, the firm took delivery of an Engel 50 ton locking machine, hailed as the very latest in moulding equipment. It replaces a machine that has been in regular for the past 30 years.

Made in Germany, it can produce a large range of plastic mouldings for Peco products. Having been commissioned by specialist engineers on Monday, it was hoped to be up and running this week.

The engineering toolmaking department has also recently taken delivery of a high-speed milling machine – the Mikron AgieCharmilles. This will speed up the manufacture of toolmaking considerably since it is now possible to machine direct into metal, including hardened steel.

When the machine is suitably programmed for a particular task it can run for 24 hours a day unaided, meaning that some mould tools will be made in a few days rather than weeks as in the past.

Engineering and development director Ben Arnold said it was important to invest in new equipment to help prevent manufacture moving overseas.

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He added the machinery had created a buzz, especially among the toolmakers.

He said: “It’s cutting edge machinery, and we really hope it’s going to take us forward in our ability to develop new products.

Peco has also taken on six extra full-time members of production staff.