Peggy settles in to new Sidmouth surroundings

Abbeyfield resident Peggy, 84, praises new Culver House flats in Sidmouth

ONE resident pleased with her new surroundings at Culver House is Peggy Norman, 84, who is settling in well at her new flat there.

Great grandmother Peggy, who moved from near Plymouth in July 2009 to Abbeyfield in All Saints Road, Sidmouth, so she could be nearer her daughter and family, said: “It is very nice, although I miss my bungalow sometimes because it was so spacious.”

Widowed for 21 years, she feels she now needs more help with things like shopping and enjoys meals with the other residents.

“I have a few mementos and photos but I didn’t bring any of my furniture, basically I started again. Everyone is very amiable and we have had a couple of social evenings.

“I don’t feel isolated at all and the staff and house manager Jacqui and her deputy are very helpful.”

Peggy, who does a lot of knitting for charities, says she likes her new surroundings more than her former room in All Saints Road.