Pensioner group closure threat

A CAMPAIGN group that fights for the rights of pensioners in Sidmouth and East Devon is on the brink of folding over a leadership crisis.

Concerned members of the Devon Pensioners Action Forum (DPAF) say the group is at a “critical” stage in its history after several elderly executives resigned for health and family reasons.

A recent search to find replacements within the organisation’s 1,200 strong members saw NO nominations put forward.

Vacancies that need to be filled include the role of chairman, secretary, treasurer and membership secretary. If the posts are not filled the Forum will close within months, it’s current treasurer Michael Rose, of Sid Road, Sidmouth, told the Herald.

“It is quite a grave situation,” he said.

The DPAF, which has scores of members from Sidmouth, has campaigned for a decade and became nationally renowned for its fight against unfair council tax on pensioners.

The Forum recently challenged Government over National Insurance contributions.

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“If the fight is to continue, a number of sprightly, capable people in their 60s need to be found who will take hold of the reins of responsibility,” said Mr Rose.

Anyone willing to help can contact the DPAF can contact its secretary, Sheila Curzon, on (01392) 874978 or e-mail