Person with broken ankle rescued from Littlecombe Shute

Sidmouth Lifeboat launches to the rescue

Sidmouth Lifeboat launches to the rescue - Credit: Cameron Baker


Sidmouth Lifeboat was tasked to evacuate a casualty with a suspected broken ankle from Littlecombe Shute in the early hours of this morning (June 22).

The casualty had already been attended to and stretchered to the shore by Beer Coastguard Rescue Team, who then stretchered her 450m along the shore, to a point they believed would be accessible to the lifeboat in the prevailing conditions.

Both Sidmouth Lifeboat and Sidmouth 2 launched at around 12.06am today.

Despite the swell, total darkness and numerous submerged rocks, Coxswain Guy Bennett managed to get the bow of the lifeboat onto the beach for long enough to allow the casualty to be taken aboard in a stretcher and brought safely back to Sidmouth.

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Following a net recovery, the casualty was transferred to South Western Ambulance Service.


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