Residents launch petition to save outdoor music at Sidmouth pub

Di Lee, John Lee, Janet Crook, Ray Crook relaxing in the garden

Di Lee, John Lee, Janet Crook, Ray Crook relaxing in the garden - Credit: Archant

Residents living near a Sidmouth pub have launched a petition in support of outdoor music after the landlords cancelled future events when someone complained about the noise.

Di Lee has lived in Water Lane with her husband John for eight years. Their garden backs onto the pub.

She said the complaint was not representative of the people living around the Volunteer Inn and has collected 24 signatures on a petition just from those who live near the pub.

“We were really cross because we thought how can one person change something that has been going on for a long time?” Di said.

“We sit out with a glass of wine, listening to the music and it’s lovely.

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“Everybody I spoke to said it was dreadful they were thinking of stopping it.”

Neighbour Janet Crook said: “It’s absolute bliss. You couldn’t have a holiday abroad where you enjoy it more.

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“We wouldn’t be anywhere else this summer.

“It’s not overpowering, you can still have a conversation.”

They said the landlords of the pub were very considerate and the music was stopped promptly at 10pm. They liked to hear the laughter of people enjoying themselves.

“If you buy a property next to a public house that’s got a beer garden then you’re going to have music,” Di said.

Matt and Lyndsay Fudge, landlords of the pub in Temple Street, said music would cease after FolkWeek following complaints about live entertainment outside.

In an online post they said ‘continued complaints are proving stressful’.

They wrote: “We understand that pubs aren’t for everyone but didn’t realise quite how offended people would be with us for organising events.

“As a business, and more importantly as a family, we have always tried not to upset anyone where avoidable.”

An East Devon District Council spokesman said: “Environmental Health have received one or two complaints recently from a resident of Temple Street who has been affected by loud music and customer noise.

“These were followed up with the landlord who advised that after FolkWeek he has no more music events planned this summer.”

Matt and Lyndsay declined to comment when contacted by the Herald but are expected to respond after FolkWeek.

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