Husband and wife team deliver pizzas with panache

Robert Magil and his wife Anjing are the Pizza Butlers

Robert Magil and his wife Anjing are the Pizza Butlers - Credit: Vincent Page

Starting a business over the last 12 months has by many been considered a rather risky venture.

Yet against the odds, Robert Magil and his wife Anjing have done just that as the aptly named Pizza Butlers fire up their ovens today (Friday, March 26)  and open for business, adding a quirky touch to their delivery!

Moving to the town four years ago it was a small step from their former home in Teignmouth. The whole concept of the Pizza Butlers was formed through a flash of inspiration and a long-term desire to provide authentic woodfired Pizza. Registering the trademark last March should have provided them with the green light to proceed with their flourishing ideas, however, the events of the last 12 months have restricted progress and meant that bringing their concept to a working reality was a little more challenging than it should have been.

Having failed to locate the appropriate premises in the town the enthusiastic couple did not give in at the first hurdle and have bought and refurbished a mobile kitchen from which they are operating at the Alexandria Industrial Estate. Keen to ensure they provide the desired menu with exactly the right products, they set about a taste run with a sample range of their Pizzas available to some rather hungry Sidmouthians who resoundingly gave them the thumbs up, providing positive feedback on their freshly-cooked food.

Born and bred in the Philippines, Robert’s wife Anjing uses many natural ingredients which the couple grow themselves in their own garden as a backdrop for their menu which are cooked in an authentic wood-fired oven. Being adorned in a morning suit, bow tie and bowler hat to create a thoroughly traditional image, Robert provides the delivery arm of the business. Having previously worked in the retail food sector he insists on providing traditional customer service with his outfit, mustering memories of days-gone-by and all the values attributed to it.

The Pizza Butlers open for business today from 5pm to 8pm and can be contacted on 07884 491000.

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