Rob to serve up your top topping for your perfect pizza this month

Robert Papworth and Melissa Holloway of Pizza Papi

Robert Papworth and Melissa Holloway of Pizza Papi - Credit: Robert Papworth

A Sidmouth chef will this month be offering the perfect pizzas to residents and visitors of the town as he sets up his new pizza business from a van.
Robert Papworth, former head pizza chef at The Marine Pizzeria on the seafront, which closed down in May, is looking forward to the launch of his new venture called Pizza Papi.
With five years worth of experience as a pizza chef in Sidmouth and nearly 18 years in the profession, Robert, together with his ‘right hand man’ Melissa Holloway, will be taking orders at Pizza Papi from early to the middle of June.
Robert said: “With the closure of The Marine Pizzeria on the horizon I was looking to find work as a baker or green grocer, but so many people were telling me how much they were going to miss the pizzas, that it started to feel like a calling. 
“It's nice to be able to make something that people enjoy, and the entire process is still so interesting. The recipes and many of the ingredients will be the same as we used at The Marine, with the emphasis still being on top quality local or Italian produce, no corners cut.
Robert will be baking his popular pizzas from his van which will be kitted out with a woodfired oven. He will have a permanent spot at Kennaway House and hopes to have a venue at Sidford and Sidbury. He will also be available for private hire.
“We have had plenty of enquiries for private hire,” Robert said, “but it is going to be important to remember why it all became an option in the first place. I want to be in the Sidmouth and Sidford area at least two days each week, and ideally in Sidbury at some point.
He added “It feels like many people have come to realise the value of 'community' over the past year and a half, and how lucky we are in our town. We have plenty of independent shops and businesses that have a lot to offer, and a strong community spirit in general. I have already received so much encouragement - I look forward to being able to give something back from mid-June.”