Plans for redundant hotel garage to be converted into townhouses

The redundant garage at Sidholme Hotel

The redundant garage at Sidholme Hotel - Credit: EDDC/ARA Architecture

Proposals have been put forward to give a redundant garage at a Sidmouth Hotel a ‘new lease of life’ and provide new housing in the town. 

Sidholme Hotel, in Elysian Fields, has submitted a planning application to East Devon District Council for the provision of four two-bedroom townhouses on the site on an existing garage, within its own grounds, which is ‘no longer functioning as a garage’. 

The building, which is within the Elsian Fields built-up area boundary, is a former laboratory, built by German Adolf Linderman who looked to produce Linderman Glass for the protection of x-ray tubes. In modern times, the garage is only used to provide occasional storage. 

The plan’s design and access statement said: “We believe the proposal for the four two-bed townhouses will provide a positive contribution to the Sidholme Hotel estate.  

“The proposals will also contribute to meeting the need for new housing in a sustainable location. 

“The proposed townhouses are on a brownfield site and will make effective use of a currently redundant site and provide this with a new lease of life.” 

If given the go-ahead, each property will provide an open plan living room, kitchen and diner on the ground floor as well as storage space, a shower room and office. 

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Access for each dwelling will be from the western side with opposite side of the building stepping down onto a rear amenity space provided for each property. 

On the first floor, there will be two bedrooms and one will have an ensuite and shared bathroom. The rear bedrooms will be provided with access onto a rear terrace which provides external space that does not affect the privacy of neighbours. 

The proposals includes adjustment of the site access to provide a separate vehicular access to serve the new townhouses. The scheme proposes four number new car parking spaces to serve the new dwellings. 

A new vehicular entrance is proposed adjacent to the existing entrance serving the hotel complex. 

East Devon District Council will make the final decision on the application. 

The deadline for comments on the application in Sunday, August 28, and a listed building consent application for the site has also been submitted.