Planning meeting venue change

WEST Hill village hall will be the venue for a meeting about a controversial planning application on Monday.

Ottery Town Council’s planning committee is moving from its town centre chambers to the hall to discuss Blue Cedar Homes’ application to build 50 homes on land north of Eastfield, West Hill.

It includes provision of open space and a change of use of part of the site to educational use and new buildings for educational purposes.

East Devon District Council has so far received 104 objections to the application on its website. These included an anticipated increase in traffic, the fact that it’s a greenfield site and would lead to other such sites being developed in the future, and that it was out of keeping with the village.

Carol Evans wrote: “It will inevitably create more pedestrian and traffic movement on West Hill Road that is already very hazardous in parts to walk along. Also, West Hill has evolved its special rural “woodland” character over the years and every effort should be made to ensure this is retained.”

Peter Stone added: “As a resident of Eastfield, I strongly object to the increase in traffic, noise and impact on amenity that will result should this development go ahead. Getting in and out of Eastfield will become a nightmare.” In a letter sent to the Herald, Eastfield resident Pauline Falcione called the proposal “crazy and irresponsible”.

While the final decision is down to the district council, the town council can make comments. Town councillor Claire Wright urged people to attend the meeting if they wanted their objections and comments to be heard. “It would be useful for people to come along so we can take their views into consideration.”

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The meeting is at 7.30pm.