Plans for anti-hunt demo

ANTI-HUNT campaigners will be taking to the streets of Sidmouth tomorrow.

Protestors will gather in Market Square from 9am to 10am, opposed to the idea of lifting the hunting ban.

People will be invited to view a film of hare coursing and postcards will be distributed to them, urging their MPs to ‘vote no to cruelty’.

The Government has promised a free vote in the House of Commons on whether to repeal the Hunting Act. Repeal would see not only fox hunting legalised again, but also hare coursing and stag hunting.

Despite claims the Act is unworkable, it has already seen more than 140 convictions to date, with several more cases pending.

Animal Aid is among the animal welfare organisations backing Queen guitarist Brian May’s Save Me initiative against repeal.

Demonstrations are also taking place in Exeter, Paignton and Barnstaple.

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Animal Aid’s regional representative Mark Gold said: ‘The main purpose is to highlight the real possibility that we may be returning to the dark ages on animal welfare. We’ve selected four constituencies – two where the MP is firmly anti-hunt and two where we believe they are in favour of a return to legal hunting.”