Plans revealed for 180 homes in Ottery

A developer has unveiled plans to potentially build more than 160 new houses and a care home in Ottery.

But Simon Steele-Perkins said the town now has the chance influence the proposals for land in Barrack Road through feedback.

His firm, Prockter Land LLP, has set up a website for residents to comment on the two initial designs, for either 165 houses and a care home, or 184 houses, at the site.

He said any feedback will be incorporated into a planning application, which he revealed could be submitted in weeks.

The land in question is included as a ‘strategic allocation site’ in the current draft of the Local Plan, but that is yet to be ratified as a finished document.

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But Mr Steele-Perkins said he isn’t worried about that hampering a future planning application.

“We could wait for the plan to go to the government and the planning inspector before submitting the plans, but there doesn’t seem any point in Ottery as the town’s housing sites are not in debate any more,” he said.

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“There are lots of arguments all over East Devon but in Ottery it’s fairly well established where development should be, and I think considerable weight can already be given to the plan for the town.”

Mr Steele-Perkins also said they were getting the planning process underway already as it takes a long time for an application of this nature to be passed through.

“Even if we started now its going to be two years before we have houses at the site,” he said.

About the potential for a care home, he said they had included that option in the plans because he knows there is a shortfall of bed spaces for elderly people in Ottery.

He also said any plan would include a minimum of 25 per cent affordable housing, which could see at least 46 homes built, adding local people would be ‘prioritised’ in applying for them.

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