Plastic not fantastic for recycling

A SIDMOUTH recycler is unimpressed with the lack of plastic in the kerbside collection scheme.

Keith Muckett, of Salters Meadow, put out his recycling as usual, to be left with several items including plastic food trays and containers and a blue tag saying they could not be taken.

“The only thing they take now is plastic milk bottles, so all the other plastic is going to landfill. This makes a laughing stock of the landfill siutation and recycling,” he said.

East Devon District Council said a misunderstanding among casual staff working for its contractor had led to mixed plastic being collected. This shouldn’t have happened, as certain plastics can contaminate the whole batch. Crews were told to collect only plastic bottles from now on.

A spokesman said: “Some people will have got used to putting out all plastics and this apparent u-turn will come as a blow to them, for which we apologise. However, it is better to collect bottles only and see them go to recycling, rather than to collect everything and see it all go into landfill.” For what can be recycled visit