Police lose Taser cartridge in East Devon

POLICE are cautioning the public about the potential danger from a Taser cartridge that was mislaid by a patrol officer in East Devon during a night shift last Tuesday.

Devon and Cornwall constabulary say there has been no previous reported incidents in the force area of such an item being discharged without being attached to the unit which supplies the electrical charge.

Police said the cartridge contains probes on wires which extend when the device is discharged.

The probes could be inadvertently discharged by a build-up of static if picked up or handled.

Although the potential danger to the public is very low, officers advise that if found the cartridge should not be tampered with and handed in to the police.

The cartridge is described as being black in colour measuring two inches by one-and-a-half inches with a serial number C31017NX4.

Police ask that if anyone finds the missing cartridge that they either contact police on 101 or hand it in at their nearest police station.

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The constabulary would not say which part of the region the cartridge was lost in.

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