Police tackle small spate of thefts at Beautiful Days


- Credit: Archant

Opportunist thieves were targeted by police during a three-day festival in Escot Park at the weekend.

But overall, reported crime was relatively low and there were no major incidents at Beautiful Days, held near Ottery St Mary

A group of special volunteer constables braved the rain and mud on the site specifically to support police officers in dealing with a small spate of thefts – 13 in total - that occurred on the first night.

Sergeant Chris Leisk, of the Ottery neighbourhood team, said: “Obviously there is going to be a little bit of crime, but that’s going to happen anywhere with such a large number of people.

“We are talking about 13 thefts in total, which is a lot, but then only accounts for about 0.1 per cent of the population that was there.”

Reported crimes included two alleged assaults, one of which resulted in the arrest of five people, domestic disputes and minor drug offences.

Someone who failed to appear in court was also apprehended by police.

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There were also two incidents which are still under police investigation.

Officers were called to support security teams in evicting two people from the site because of their behaviour.

Another couple were stopped on suspicion of selling illegal drugs.

Sgt Leisk said: It’s really important that we target those people that are selling illegal drugs because there is a real health risk associated with taking them.”

He also advised festival-goers to make sure they safeguard their valuables and said putting them at the bottom of a sleeping bag at night can be effective to protect them from opportunist thieves.