Police warning after al fresco sex romp


- Credit: Archant

POLICE have warned frisky couples that they face a caution - if spotted publicly romping in Sidmouth’s beauty spots.

The message comes after a motorist got a shock when he pulled into a scenic car park and saw a couple brazenly having sex in the open air.

The driver, who wanted to remain anonymous, says he was turning around on Peak Hill when his headlights revealed a duo in an intimate clinch in the corner.

He even caught the gaze of one of the duo – and they carried on regardless.

Police have not received any reports of al fresco sex in the area.

Sergeant Paul Roberts said the couple could have received a police caution had they been caught.

He added: “It depends what situation we are presented with when we arrive. It’s potentially putting people at risk of a caution for indecency offences.

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“If members of the public do see it going on, call us and we will immediately respond.”

Sgt Roberts said Sidmouth’s remote spots were regularly patrolled in an attempt to deter youngsters from causing a nuisance, or drug taking.

He added that the patrols also helped identify suspicious activity or vehicles in relation to rural crime.

Sgt Roberts said police patrols would continue and urged the public to become the ears and eyes of the force, immediately reporting anything suspicious or illegal.

It is not the first time residents have reported frisky outdoor behaviour in Sidmouth.

Claims a foursome were engaging in sexual activity in The Byes last March sparked a police helicopter manhunt. Naked frolics have also been reported in the seafront showers in the past, according to one councillor.