Police warning over ‘cyberstalking’

POLICE have warned Sidmouth residents of the dangers of ‘cyberstalking’.

The Force this week launched a campaign urging people to protect their identity online.

The initiative will use social networking sites to offer advice and support on how people can protect themselves on the web - and what to do if they are concerned they may be a victim.

Cyberstalking is harassment and stalking through the internet, email or social networking sites.

They may continually try to make contact against the victim’s wishes, scrutinise and manipulate their activity, purchase goods in their name or sending them viruses.

Steve Slater, high-tech crime manager for Devon and Cornwall Police, said: “We all use the internet in our everyday lives and add photos, and comments about our activities and lives.

“However, sometimes these can reveal more information than we realise and could be used by a cyberstalker to harass and pursue a victim.”

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For help and support call the National Stalking Helpline on 0808 802 0300.