Police warning over killer laughing gas use in town

A gas capsule used to inhale nitrous oxide

A gas capsule used to inhale nitrous oxide - Credit: Archant

Police are warning of the potentially fatal consequences of laughing gas after an increase in the spread of containers in and around Sidmouth.

Around 10 nitrous oxide capsules (see picture) have been reported over the last fortnight and PCSO Phil Thomas is advising parents to research the risks.

The gas is used in catering for uses such as making ice cream, but the so-called legal high can give a short head-rush if inhaled.

PCSO Thomas said: “They don’t come without danger and numerous deaths have been linked to their use in recent years.

“Police advice is not to use them and I suggest parents may like to research the internet and acquaint themselves with nitrous oxide capsules, which are freely available online.”

He added that capsules strewn around are also an unsightly litter issue.