Politics touches our lives says new Sidmouth councillor

David Barratt becomes new town councillor for Salcombe Regis ward

NEW blood has come to Sidmouth Town Council’s debating chamber at Woolcombe House.

David Barratt has been co-opted to serve as councillor for the Salcombe Regis ward following the resignation of Lois Kelly.

On Monday, Councillor Barratt attended his first full council meeting and said: “I thought it was very interesting and I want to be a member of the council as a team.

“I want to gradually work my way in and see how thing can be done best. I will be supporting whatever does the most good for the most people.

“I am not particularly impressed by pressure groups...and am unimpressed with those that speak loudest.”

Mr Barratt, 53, who moved to Sidford Cross with his wife Carol a year ago, already has experience as a councillor, have served on a council when he lived in Cornwall “so I know I can make a difference.”

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He said: “I think that local politics is so important because people don’t always realise it touches everything people do in their lives and I think it can make a difference.”

Working part-time at Waitrose now, Mr Barratt semi-retired some years ago from sales marketing management and more recently gained a business management degree at Exeter College “doing a year full-time to top up a 30-year-old HND.”

Originally fromYorkshire, he and Carol, to whom he has been married 30 years, have been looking for somewhere to settle near their daughter Jenny and decided on Sidford.

“My wife works part-time at Fields in ladies fashion and Jenny is manager of Stead and Simpson, so we are very much part of the local economy and it is economy and tourism that I am very much interested in.

“I know I want to be on the council because that is where I get satisfaction from.”