Poolpod donation to Sidmouth Swimming Pool to make swimming accessible to all

The newly installed Poolpod. Picture: LED Leisure

The newly installed Poolpod. Picture: LED Leisure - Credit: Archant

A new lift enabling swimmers to safely access the water has been installed in Sidmouth Swimming Pool.

Staff at Sidmouth Swimming Pool with the newly installed Poolpod. Picture: LED Leisure

Staff at Sidmouth Swimming Pool with the newly installed Poolpod. Picture: LED Leisure - Credit: Archant

LED Leisure has announced it has received funding for a Poolpod.

The London Marathon Charitable Trust has provided a £750,000 grant to allow Swim England and its partners - the Activity Alliance, Community Leisure UK and GLL - to enhance the swimming provisions at a number of community pools.

Swim England has chosen 20 sites across the UK to receive funding for more inclusive swimming environments for users with long-term health conditions, disabilities and rehabilitation needs.

The funding is being used for training, to provide accessible pool sessions, to implement facility changes and to install a Poolpod at each site.

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Steve Reid, LED leisure manager, said: "The introduction of a PoolPod will enable us to expand our current activities, but also open them up to a whole new range of groups and participants where dignified access to a swimming pool would be a big step in changing their outlook and enjoyment of swimming, to give a positive experience."

The 20 selected pools have been spread throughout England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

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Swim England CEO Jane Nickerson said: "It is very important to reduce the barriers to aquatic activity for people with long-term health conditions or disabilities, and this funding is helping to make being in the water more accessible for all.

"We hope to see these provisions spread to as many centres as possible across the country."

Sir Rodney Walker, chairman of The London Marathon Charitable Trust, said: "The Trust funds work which challenges inequality of access to physical activity. We want to help create a society in which everyone is physically active, contributing to their health and wellbeing.

"We know that people who benefit most from aquatic activity - including disabled people, people with long-term health conditions, older people, people with mobility issues and pregnant women - often face the biggest barriers to accessing a swimming pool.

"This exciting initiative is making swimming pools across the UK more accessible and ensuring a more inclusive customer experience for all."

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