Praise for Sidmothian’s cinema system at national museum’s widescreen weekend

Joan and Mike Edgecumbe at the National Science and Media Museum last year

Joan and Mike Edgecumbe at the National Science and Media Museum last year - Credit: Archant

A Sidmothian’s system to screen pioneering widescreen films could be used to entertain audiences around the world and even in refugee camps.

Mike Edgecumbe and his wife Joan went to the National Science and Media Museum in Bradford for its Wide Screen Weekend and the premier of the Cinerama’s high definition re-mastered ‘Cinemiracle’ Windjammer.

Hundreds of widescreen experts and distinguished delegates from around the world who attended the screening were astounded by the quality of the re-mastered film.

It has been brought back to its original new condition by the work of the famous remastering director David Strohmaier and producer Randy Gitsch.

Mike, the film’s joint executive producer, led a standing ovation to the duo for all their restoration work on the Cinerama films.

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The event also featured the screening of a short video by young filmmaker Jack Collin of Winslade Road, showing the setting-up of Mike’s Omniscope system in Sidmouth’s Methodist church hall.

Mike said: “It created enormous interest from the delegates, with Gregory Orr, the grandson of Warner Bros president Jack Warner, suggesting it could be used for a multitude of mobile presentations around the world – especially for entertainment in refugee camps.

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“If this happens, Joan and I think it will be wonderful that it all started from humble beginnings in Sidmouth.”

The last remaining three-panel Cinerama print of The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm was projected using three synchronised projectors.

It is in poor condition but Mike is trying to produce a remake after negotiating a future digital re-mastering.

He said Cinerama Inc, who own 50 per cent, are keen but Warner Bros, who own the other half and have most of the original elements, are not yet forthcoming.

Windjammer will go on general release and DVD / Blu-ray later next year but Mike will show his copy in Sidmouth shortly after Christmas. He will dedicate the screening to the late Ian Bagwell and all the proceeds will go to The Fishermen’s Mission and the RNLI.

Before then, by public request, he will rescreen Cinerama’s Russian Adventure in aid of the Sid Vale Memory Café and the Admiral Nurse Campaign.

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