Prankster makes point about ‘problem’ verges


A mystery sign alluding to the state of Newton Poppleford’s ‘disgracefully’ untidy verges appears to have prompted action.

Terence Reeves noticed the hoax ‘certificate of award’ for a new ‘wildlife attraction’ erected on the unkempt grass at the edge of Millmoor Lane on Sunday.

Mr Reeves, who lives in the street, said he felt the sign was very appropriate and believes it was from someone trying to make a point about the uncut verges that he says have become a problem.

The day after he spotted the sign, the verges were cut.

Mr Reeves added: “A recent complaint was made by a resident of Millmoor Lane about the state of the road verges and rightly so, they are a disgrace.

“The verges on the main road are strimmed from time-to-time and it would take no time for the same team to cut the verge on Millmoor Lane.

“It has become a problem for people living there because of the pollen and the visual aspect and the untidiness of it. Highways have been contacted but nothing happened.

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“Soon after I spotted the signs, along came a man with a strimmer and it has now been cut.”

Devon County Council did not confirm whether or not it was responsible for cutting the verges this week. Councillor Stuart Hughes said: “As a result of the multi-million pound austerity cuts that have been forced on us, there is not enough funding to deliver the same level of service that there has been in the past, which means we’re having to ask communities to do more to help themselves as we adjust to cuts in funding.

“We have consulted on our approach to grass cutting, which is to reduce it to the minimum, and only cut areas where visibility must be maintained.”

He added that details of a self-help scheme available to communities can be found on the DCC website.

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