Programme reveals special abilities

EVER felt you could have done something a bit more fulfilling with your life? Then a new TV show might be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Silver River, the production company behind Grow Your Own Drugs, Supersizers Go… and Pulling is making a science programme about latent ability – a natural talent people are born with that unless identified may go undiscovered forever.

It might be abnormally long thighs, the ability to hold your breath for ages underwater or perfect musical pitch – whatever it is, if that potential were unlocked and nurtured, it could present amazing opportunities.

Silver River is looking to hear from anyone who would like to find out if they have the potential to excel within one of the following areas: music, dance, extreme sports, art and languages.

No prior experience or training is needed. Participants will be asked to undertake a selection of scientific experiments and successful candidates may have to spend six months away from home in 2011. To apply email by November 1.