Prolific vandals target Sidmouth supermarket staff

INNOCENT Waitrose workers in Sidmouth are being targeted by prolific vandals who’ve caused thousands of pounds of damage to cars in broad daylight.

INNOCENT Waitrose workers in Sidmouth are being targeted by prolific vandals who’ve caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to cars in broad daylight.

Police have vowed to stop a culprit they suspect has scratched scores of vehicles in the Stowford Rise area for a year- and called for crucial help from the public.

Victims of the latest spree that racked up �1,500 of damage to five cars in Core Hill and Sedemuda roads were all employees at Waitrose. One worker has suffered three times.

“People earning a living are having to pay out because some mindless individual is damaging their cars,” said Sergeant Andy Turner, “I’ve never ever seen anything like this in the town. It is very worrying and has got to end.”

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PS Turner said specialist and forensic resources will be utilised to halt a crime that is difficult to detect because of its sporadic nature. The recent introduction of yellow lines in the area has failed to curb the problem. Victims of 13 offences in Stowford Rise are predominantly Waitrose workers and police don’t yet know how many offences have taken place in surrounding streets. Several people have been interviewed and eliminated from enquiries.

“It’s completely unacceptable,” said PS Turner, “at the moment we’re pursuing a line of enquiry the offender is targeting staff at Waitrose. We have no idea of the motive, and are assuming it is parking related.

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“If the motive is to do with parking issues we’d like to point out none of the victims are committing any offences whatsoever. They are entitled to park on the highway.

“These victims live outside town and it is a necessity to use their cars.

“If there is concern about parking people should direct it to the police and not take the law into their own hands.

“We really need the public’s help to try and solve this. Someone must have seen something and has probably got a crucial bit of evidence that can identify the offender.”

Contact police on 08452 777444, crime reference: KS/10/531, or ring Crimestoppers in confidence on 0800 55511.

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