Pup reunited with family after going missing for five days in Newton Poppleford

Beverly welcoming home Fylnn with her daughter.

Beverly welcoming home Fylnn with her daughter. - Credit: Archant

A brave puppy who was lost in the wilderness for five days has been found and reunited with his Newton Poppleford family.

The brave puppy before his five day adventure.

The brave puppy before his five day adventure. - Credit: Archant

Search parties made up of bloodhounds, from K9 search dogs, and more than 50 walkers and their canines went out looking for the four-month-old Flynn, who disappeared near Venn Ottery Common on Saturday morning.

Beverly Norman and her family launched an appeal on Facebook which was shared more than 8,000 times. Some dedicated searchers stayed out until the early hours of the morning.

The chocolate cocker spaniel was found on Wednesday by a dog walker - who also happened to be with Flynn’s dad, who had been out searching for his lost puppy, along with his mother.

Beverly, who welcomed Flynn into the family just under two months ago, said her husband and seven-year-old daughter, Imogen, had been walking the pup and another dog when the pair dashed through a gorse hedge. Flynn did not come back.

Beverly welcoming home Fylnn with her daughter.

Beverly welcoming home Fylnn with her daughter. - Credit: Archant

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She added that they had offered £500 for his safe return and, although there had been a few sightings of him, she had begun to fear someone had found him and not wanted to give him back, or that he had become stuck somewhere. However, Beverly still refused to give up hope, wracking up 35,000 steps on her pedometer each day searching for Flynn.

She said bloodhounds were sent out on the Saturday and Sunday, but to no avail.

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The 43-year-old added: “A community search was organised on the common on the Sunday afternoon and was attended by more than 50 walkers and their dogs...It has been crazy, I’m completely overwhelmed by the generosity of some people.

“I have never seen so many people; everyone has been so generous and willing to give up their time to help look for him.”

Beverly said a couple of people had recommended searching near the World War Two bunkers by the Deer Park on Wednesday.

On her way there, she had gone to see her friend about putting out more posters when a 4x4 turned up, returning from near the bunkers, and Flynn jumped out.

Beverly said the puppy had been found sat in a tree stump ‘just waiting to be found’.

She added: “I squealed and couldn’t get my words out when I saw him. He is absolutely fine, just a bit thinner. He also has a tick above his eye which I need to sort out... He hasn’t stopped wagging his tail since he got home and we have just been cuddling him.”

Beverly thanked all the people who helped look for the pup. She also encouraged people to donate to K9 search dogs and the amazing work it does.

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