Radcliffe and Maconie enjoy trail life

RADIO 2 DJs Mark Radcliffe and Stuart Maconie were enjoying every step of their Jurassic Coast walk when they arrived in Sidmouth on Wednesday.

The keen walkers set out from Lyme Regis on Monday, stopping in Beer on Tuesday, before heading over the cliffs to Sidmouth.

“We walked Hadrian’s Wall last year and had a great time, so we thought as we’d been up north, let’s go down south,” said Stuart.

The day had been the shortest in terms of mileage, but the most physically demanding.

“The final climb on to the cliffs was tough,” said Mark. “I started trying to do it really fast, but soon slowed down.”

At Branscombe beach they met the National Trust head ranger Stuart Britton, who talked of the MSC Napoli.

Mark said: “As we’ve gone along, we’ve been trying to put the places in context, and everybody knows Branscombe beach because of the Napoli.

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“We were disappointed that it was too early for lunch when we got there, as the food at the Sea Shanty restaurant looked great.”

They were joined on the cliff top by a lady from Exmouth, who gave them chocolates, and met donkeys from the Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary.

They were impressed by Sidmouth, and the Bedford Hotel, where they broadcast from that evening.

“The seafront’s gorgeous,” said Mark. “When we got to the hotel, we were met by Trevor, looking smart. It’s all very proper and old fashioned in the best possible way.”

Guests for Tuesday’s show from Beer’s Dolphin Hotel were Show of Hands and Ade Edmondson and in Sidmouth Squeeze and Caitlin Rose played live, with 2009 Masterchef winner Matt Follas cooking scallops.

“It’s great that the BBC can come from a pub in Beer or Sidmouth,” said Mark. “A lot of outside broadcasts are big, but with this kind, there’s a sense of intimacy, it’s really atmospheric.”

The duo were looking to Thursday’s final leg to Exmouth with excitement that they’d soon be returning to their own beds, but sadness the adventure would be ending.

“I adore trail life, the rest of the world seems to disappear,” said Mark. “We are working, and working hard, but it’s like a holiday too.”

And as for their next trek? “I think, as national broadcasters, we owe it to Wales or Scotland to do something there,” said Stuart.