Red Lion campaigners call in specialists


beer - Credit: Getty Images/Hemera

Regulars who want to ensure the future of their Sidbury pub have brought in specialists who can help them develop a business plan.

The Save the Red Lion campaigners have secured the support of the Plunkett Foundation, an organisation that works with community groups to save their locals.

The members hope to buy the pub for the benefit of the village and have applied to have it listed as an ‘asset of community vale’, which if successful will halt the sale and give them a chance to put a bid together.

Campaign chairman Fred Burnett said: “Having the support and advice from professional advisers at the Plunkett Foundation is really excellent news.

“This will allow the campaign to start the hard work of drawing up a business plan to allow us to create a viable future business in the Red Lion and to start the process of preparing to bid to buy the pub for the community.”

The Plunkett Foundation helps communities to save their pub as a co-operative venture, and offers support from the initial stages onwards.

The foundation is connected to a network of pub run as co-ops, which gives everyone a say in how their local is run.

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Campaign secretary John Loudoun said: “They are a charitable organisation who provide support based on the strength of applications – ours put us at the top of the pile.”

The Save the Red Lion campaigners have applied for grants from central government to help them put together a business plan and plan to request a capital grant to help fund its purchase.