Rendezvous rumours ‘untrue and nasty,’ says owner Steve

Contrary to rumours Steve and Lyn Clarke from The Rendezvous on Fore Street are keen to set the reco

Contrary to rumours Steve and Lyn Clarke from The Rendezvous on Fore Street are keen to set the records straight that their Fore Street business is not for sale. Ref shs 4753-43-15SH. Picture: Simon Horn - Credit: Archant

The owner of a Sidmouth restaurant is hitting back at what he has described as ‘malicious’ rumours which he says threaten the future of his business.

Steve Clarke has spoken out to defend his family-run Fore Street eatery, The Rendezvous, which he says is the subject of gossip in the town for the second time in three years.

Formerly Brown’s bistro, the premises was taken over by Steve and his wife Lyn in 2012 and reopened as an Italian restaurant.

Steve says rumours flying around town that the restaurant is for sale are damaging its reputation.

He told the Herald: “This is the second time in three years and we are not very happy about it.

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“Someone has really set out trying to make it difficult for us to trade. I am sure somebody is out to ruin us.

“It seems to be just talk around town. A lady came in who has heard the rumours and I had two people come in last week saying they had heard the business was up for sale.

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“We are still family-run and we are finding business difficult enough without rumours like this floating around.

“I really do not need this sort of thing.

“I would love to know who is doing this to us. Would they like it if it was their business?

“It makes me feel like I want to get out of Sidmouth altogether.

“It is malicious and it’s nasty.”

The Herald reported on similar rumours in 2013, when untrue talk claimed the business was being taken over by The Railway in Honiton.

At the time, the couple took it in good humour and jokingly named an area ‘Rumours’, but this second round of gossip is taking its toll.

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