Rescued hedgehogs to be released at Wildwood Escot

The hoglets

The hoglets - Credit: Archant

Wildwood Escot staff are welcoming back a pair of hedgehogs they helped to rescue, by releasing them into the park.

One of the hedgehogs curled up ready to embark on a journey to its new home.

One of the hedgehogs curled up ready to embark on a journey to its new home. - Credit: Archant

The duo is part of a quartet of ‘hoglets’ that were rescued from the roadside by Chelsea Hawkins, a Coach House restaurant assistant, back in July.

The hedgehogs were only four or five weeks old when they were brought to Wildwood where they were first looked after by animal keeper Becky Copland.

Following a few months stay at Prickly Ball Farm, the hedgehogs have returned to Wildwood Escot.

A Wildwood Escot spokeswoman said: “Now of a good age and weight to go back into the wild, two of these adorable British creatures are back at Wildwood Escot for their release.”

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Staff will perform a ‘soft release’ into the wild as the hedgehogs have been kept indoors.

The mammals will be kept in a hedgehog house for 24 hours to help them acclimatise to outdoor temperatures before being released to explore the park.

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