Residents fear water leak

RECENT icy weather has renewed calls for something to be done about a water leak in Sidbury.

Residents of Greenhead have had a mini stream of water running down the road for at least two years, and when the weather turns cold it becomes dangerous.

Gill Purkiss, who has lived at Little Thatch since 1983, said: “People are walking around terrified because it’s slippery all the way down the road.”

There is a sand box at the top of Greenhead, but Gill said it was difficult to get to in freezing conditions. “Not only that, but the older people living around here can’t carry buckets of sand around,” she said.

On Saturday, a group of walkers were coming down the road, when one of the women slipped on the ice and fell on her back.

“Fortunately her backpack broke her fall,” said Dennis Bennett, of Lilac Cottage, who witnessed the incident. “It’s so treacherous under foot.”

Nobody is sure who owns the bit of land the leak stems from, as there are four properties sharing that part of the road.

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Dennis said: “There’s always been a slight problem with the way the road slopes to one side; when you get a stream it comes down and goes from right to left. The drain isn’t really in the right position to cope with it.”

“A number of us have made complaints over the years but got no satisfaction.”

A South West Water spokesman said the company hadn’t received any recent reports about a leak on or near Greenhead. Anyone wishing to make a report can call 0800 169 1144 or visit

Devon County Council’s Highways Operations Control Centre handles calls regarding road maintenance. A spokesman said: “We are happy for people to contact us with any issues.” Call 0845 155 1004.