Residents ‘have a cow’ over barn plans

COLATON Raleigh residents say they are ‘horrified’ at plans to build a massive cow shed to accommodate more than 300 animals in their village.

Clinton Devon Estates wants to construct the 350ft-long, 20ft-high structure on land at Otter Farm in Church Road.

Homeowners say it will dominate both the valley floor and the village and they have concerns over the lack of screening against light and noise pollution.

The plans also include a concrete access road, running over two-thirds of a mile across the AONB to join the road in Shepherds Lane.

Charles Townsend, spokesman for objectors, said: “Locals are mystified that such plans could have even been considered.

“We’re concerned by the possibility of flooding that such a massive construction would exacerbate.”

The plans will be debated at the next parish council meeting at 7.30pm on March 12 in Colaton Raleigh Village Hall.