Residents sow seeds for bats future

Roosting greater horseshoe bats. Picture: John J Kaczanow

Roosting greater horseshoe bats. Picture: John J Kaczanow - Credit: John J Kaczanow

Beer groups are joining forces to sow seeds and secure the future of the endangered greater horseshoe bat, writes Clarissa Place.

Members from Beer Village Heritage, Beer Horticultural Society and Clinton Devon Estates are working in partnership with the Greater Horseshoe Bat Project to raise awareness of the species, which nests during winter in the Quarry Caves.

Visitors and residents have been invited to sow wildflower seeds in Jubilee Gardens today (Friday) at 2pm.

Norah Jaggers, from Beer Village Heritage, said: “The hedges are for insects that will attract the bats.

“If you get a good ecosystem for the greater horseshoe bat, you have a really good ecosystem for a lot of species, including dormice. Although it seems a bit selfish putting money into one animal, it benefits lots of animals.”

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Beer residents have supported the project in the past by recording the bats as they forage for insects and food around the area.

Mrs Jaggers said: “Clinton Devon Estates has done a fantastic job in terms of looking at their farming processes. Part of the process is about asking farmers to look at their processes and can plant some wild flowers along the side of their hedges. It may not seem very much, but it makes a huge difference to the ecosystem.”

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The Bomb Shelter will host one of the project’s new bat beacons, which will give visitors an interactive experience about the mammal.

Mrs Jaggers added: “Visitors will appreciate how endangered the bats are and they will get an idea of how they can help.”

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