Residents warned as wild weather forecast for Devon

A huge wave crashed into Sidmouth seafront. Photo by Eve Mathews.

A huge wave crashed into Sidmouth seafront. Photo by Eve Mathews. - Credit: Archant

Drivers and homeowners are being warned to exercise caution as widespread coastal flooding is forecast for Sidmouth and much of Devon.

Tonight’s (Thursday) full moon, high tides, large waves and torrential showers are expected to combine to create dangerous coastal conditions, following reports that inland properties have already been badly hit.

Sightseers have been warned that going near sea walls will be risky, and they will be taking their lives into their own hands.

Drivers are advised not to park on the Esplanade after reports of pebbles hurled by waves damaging cars and houses.

It is also recommended that they take care when entering flood water on roads, as the depth can be unclear and mask what lies beneath.

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Motorists are also asked to be considerate and slow down when passing through surface water near houses, as 10-foot waves have caused flooding.

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