Responsible Sidmouth resident tackle ASBO blight

Residents have acted as peacemakers, put up polite notices, and even washed and brushed a footpath clear of dog faeces.

RESPONSIBLE residents say positive action has reduced anti-social behaviour at a recently revamped play spot.

Glenisla Terrace householders say a �40,000 area for children at The Ham has become a noisy 24-hour hub for youths of all ages – blighted by litter – and that rain on Wednesday gave them their first night’s peace in a fortnight.

One man’s grandson didn’t want to visit the facility because it was ‘crowded with teenagers’.

Residents have acted as peacemakers, put up polite notices asking users to have fun but make less noise after 10pm, and even washed and brushed a footpath clear of dog faeces so people queuing for a FolkWeek event didn’t have to stand in it.

Homeowners have emphasised they’re not ‘angry’- but have addressed concerns with a more ‘mature’ approach.

They say they calmed a situation involving drunken youngsters and security staff on Monday, and pick up scores of dumped bottles, tins and wrappers on a regular basis.

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A spokesperson for a group of residents told the Herald: “Everyone who’s chosen to live in Glenisla Terrace knows they live opposite a play park, and they will have the Ham Marquee during FolkWeek and diesel fumes from the autumn funfair at The Ham.

“These residents have decided to deal with the situation in what they regard as their front garden.”

Householders have also tied back a noisy gate which kept them awake at night as it was constantly opened and shut.

“We know the rationale for the spring loaded gates, but the noise of the clang is the whole fence resonating.

“And, as for the dogs, bikes, scooters and vodka bottles, the gate doesn’t actually stop them getting in, which is why we are doing health and safety on a ‘big society’ basis’ added the spokesman.